The Purpose Of This Course & What You Will Learn

My intent for this course is to teach you how to mobilize your tissues and minimize the chance of new adhesions from forming so that you’ll feel freer in your body, experience less pain and alleviate symptoms that are related to your scar. 

This course is intended for people who have adhesions related to common surgical scars. For instance, scars from c-sections, appendectomy, fibroid removal and scars from laparoscopic exploratory surgeries. This course is not intended for people with serious health issues, chronic inflammatory diseases, or complicated cases that include mesh, hernias, slings, surgical implants, intentional surgical adhesions, etc. If you're unsure if this class is right for you, please check with your physician to make sure it's ok for you to do self abdominal massage.

Module 1

Learn about the pelvic anatomy, what scars and adhesions are, how they form, symptoms and a nonviolent approach to working with adhesions and scars so that you don't cause inflammation and even more adhesions!

Module 2

Learn how emotional charges are stored in the tissues and how to allow old emotional energy move through.

Learn how emotional charges are stored in the tissues and how to allow that old emotional energy move through.

Module 3

In this module you'll learn how to bolster yourself properly while working on your belly so that you're comfortable and avoid putting unnecessary stress on your abdomen.

Module 4

In this module you'll learn how to read abdominal clues by looking at and connecting with your belly.

Module 5

In this module, you'll learn what to do in the early stages of healing, but it's also an important module no matter what stage of the healing process you're in. Whether it's a month or 10 years after a surgery.

Module 6

This module is all about the abdominal layers and how they feel. Developing a sensitive touch will help you feel restrictions and recognize what is supposed to be there so you don't confuse ligaments with adhesions!

Module 7

How you approach the belly is the most important part! We need to take time to warm and work with the skin and superficial fascia layers before diving into the deeper layers. In this module, you'll learn how to work through restrictions in the superficial layers.

Module 8

You will learn how to work with your scars and abdominal adhesions in a precise and effective way. These techniques go beyond the typical skin rolling techniques. You'll learn to let the tissues guide you. By doing so you'll increase mobility of the tissues, feel freer in your body with a reduction of pain.

Module 9

In this module you'll learn two supportive and effective therapies for working with scar tissue and adhesions. I LOVE these therapies for scar tissue and adhesions because both my clients and I feel the effects immediately! And they both feel wonderful.

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Important Features of The Course

29 Videos totaling over 2 hrs & 30 min


Printable Instructions

Monthly Q & A

3 ebooks

Supportive Educational Articles

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scars and adhesions is this course appropriate for? +

This course was designed for abdominal scars and their associated adhesions from c-sections, appendectomies, fibroid removal, and laparoscopic surgeries, such as gallbladder removal or exploratory surgeries. Since this course is a self-care course, it's not intended for serious health issues or complicated cases that include mesh, slings, surgical implants, intentional surgical adhesions, etc. If you are unsure if this class is right for you, please check with your physician to make sure it's ok for you to do abdominal massage.

What is the purpose of this course? +

My intent for this course is to teach you how to reduce your abdominal adhesions and minimize the chance of new adhesions from forming so that you’ll feel freer in your body, experience less pain and other symptoms related to the scar. But above all, I want to help you connect with the beauty and wisdom of your amazing body. This course does not replace manual therapy from a qualified professional. If there's a professional manual therapist near you, it's always best to receive treatments from them. I've created this course because I know there are people who don't have access to qualified manual therapists and need a way to mobilize their tissues in a non-violent, respectful, and loving way.

Will I learn how to do the Arvigo® techniques, Visceral Manipulation™ or Chi Nei Tsang in this course? +

No, the techniques in this course do not include any of those modalities. However, I have been inspired by my many teachers, trainings and 20 years of experience in the field of manual therapy. I do teach the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Chi Nei Tsang, but only live and in person.

How soon after surgery can I take this course? +

You may start this course anytime in your healing process. However you should wait until your incision is fully healed (in all the abdominal layers), typically 8-10 weeks after surgery, before moving on to the manual therapy techniques. The time of complete healing may vary depending on your health and the type of surgery you had. Also, keep in mind that the skin incision may heal before the deeper layers, so check with your doctor to make sure it's ok to massage the abdomen before proceeding. 

How long will it take to complete the course? +

That depends. Everyone is unique and has varying degrees of adhesions. This course is self-paced. You could watch the videos in all the modules in one day, but I recommend extending it out over at least a week.  But your practice doesn't stop there, once you view the material, you will apply it gradually over time as your body allows. The extra reading is optional for those who want to expand on the concepts.

How often should I do the self-massage? +

This depends on your unique situation. Once you start to do the course you will get a good idea for what works for you. Your body knows better than anyone, by doing this course you will learn to connect with that innate wisdom. In general, I recommend spending 5-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week until you feel a freedom in the tissues and elimination of associated symptoms. Then check in once a week for a while, and eventually once a month.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take this course? +

The belly map exercise, and breath work, as well as most of the restorative exercises are appropriate for most everyone. The manual therapy outlined in the course may not be appropriate for everyone or during flare-ups or certain conditions. These conditions where self-abdominal therapy/massage is not appropriate include, but are not limited to, post surgery while the layers of the abdomen are still healing (get permission from you doctor before doing abdominal massage), if you have open abdominal wounds, acute diverticulitis, acute Chrohn’s disease flare-ups and acute colitis. Just give your belly a rest during flare ups. This course is not intended for pregnancy. You also wouldn’t want to do self massage directly over mesh implants, IUDs or other implants, sutures, or intentional surgical organ suspensions. If you are unsure about whether abdominal therapy is appropriate for your specific condition, consult your physician to see if abdominal massage is permitted. 

Can I take this course while pregnant? +
This course is not designed for pregnancy. There are just too many subjective variables that come into play to learn the techniques via an online course. On the positive side, the growing uterus provides some natural adhesion release as it grows. I advise waiting until after pregnancy to do the manual techniques. However, the breath work, stance, and belly map in the course are fantastic for pregnancy.
Will the techniques in this course make my scar go away? +

The goal of this class isn’t about reducing the appearance of your scar, although that may happen. My wish is that this class will help you not only reduce pain and dysfunction but also help you become friends with your body.

What if you change or add more content? +

By registering today you will receive lifetime access to this course. Which means as long as this course is available you will have access to the content and all upgrades. 

Can I access the course from different locations? +

For security reasons and to deter link sharing the number of IP addresses are limited per user. You can access the course from different devices, but not an unlimited number. Just remember to log out and refresh the page before logging back in.

Is this a self-care course, or will I learn how to work on others? +

This is a self-care course, however, there may be things you could learn and apply to working with others. If I were to create a course for professionals, this class would be the first level.
I wanted to make this class accessible to the non bodyworker, but without oversimplifying it. I feel that oversimplification leads to misunderstanding. I have included some anatomy education because I believe self-care starts with body literacy. Plus it's pretty cool!
The techniques in this course are beyond the typical "skin rolling" techniques.

If I do this course will I still need to see a manual therapist? +

The techniques in this course do not replace professional help. A professional therapist trained in manual abdominal therapy will be able to help you in ways that can't be achieved using self-care.
However, since everyone has varying degrees of adhesions, this self-care course may be enough for many people to reach their goals without additional professional help.

What People Are Saying About Barbara's Teaching Style

The following testimonials are from students who've attended Barbara's classes.

"This is really lovely - worth it to get to know your belly better, or if you have any pain or have had any surgery in the past anywhere around the tummy area. It’s well researched, beautifully laid out and comprehensive. I bought it and really benefitted from the information and advice contained in it!"

Susanna Edwards
Susanna Edwards

“Barbara is a fabulous presenter, teacher and has a wonderful sense of humor. She brought a lightness to the information that kept you engaged and I found that the time flew by! She is an excellent practitioner, passionate and very knowledgeable about her work.”

Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson Fertile Connection

You really embody the feminine in a very lovely and beautiful way. Thank you for all the work you have done to be able to share with such a wise and open heart.

Suzanne Congdon

Barbara was very enthusiastic and beyond knowledgeable. She provided us with much more information than basic coursework. I would highly recommend this instructor.

Janel Ludenia Naturopathic Medical Student

Barbara is a treasure, both sensitive and brilliant, strong and grounded yet sweet.

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Yoga Instructor
Certified Advanced Rolfer and Yoga Instructor Maria Cristina Jimenez

Connect.  Nurture.  Heal.

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