The Purpose Of This Course & What You Will Learn

My intent for this course is to teach you how to mobilize the restricted abdominal tissues so that you'll feel freer in your body with increased range of motion, experience less pain, and improved organ function. But most of all I want to help you connect to the beauty and wisdom of your belly.

Module 1

Learn about the pelvic anatomy, what scars and adhesions are, how they form, symptoms and a nonviolent approach to working with adhesions and scars.

Module 2

Learn how emotional charges are stored in the tissues and how to allow that old emotional energy move through.

Module 3

Healing starts when we put intention into being present. In this module I'll talk about how to create a healing space as well as how to bolster yourself properly while working on your belly.

Module 4

The purpose of this module is to teach you how to read the clues from your belly while you get acquainted with your abdominal and pelvic anatomy.

Module 5

In this module, I'll cover what can be done in the earlier stages of healing, but it's an important module no matter what stage of the healing process you're in. You can start this program at any stage of scar formation. However, you should wait until your wound has healed completely before doing the hands on techniques outlined in 6-9.

Module 6

This module is all about the abdominal layers and how they feel. Developing a sensitive touch will help you feel restrictions and recognize what is supposed to be there so you don't confuse ligaments with adhesions!

Module 7

How you approach the belly is the most important part! We need to take time to warm and work with the skin and superficial fascia layers before diving into the deeper layers. In this module, I'll teach you how to work with the superficial layers.

Module 8

Learn how to work with your scars and abdominal adhesions in a precise and effective way. These techniques go beyond skin rolling. You'll learn to let the tissues guide you. By doing so you'll increase mobility of the tissues, feel freer in your body with a reduction of pain.

Module 9

In this module I present two supportive and very effective therapies for working with scar tissue and adhesions. I LOVE these therapies for scar tissue and adhesions because both my clients and I feel the effects immediately!

Important Features of The Course

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What People Are Saying About Barbara's Teaching Style

The following testimonials are from students who've attended Barbara's classes.

“Barbara is a fabulous presenter, teacher and has a wonderful sense of humor. She brought a lightness to the information that kept you engaged and I found that the time flew by! She is an excellent practitioner, passionate and very knowledgeable about her work.”

Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson Fertile Connection

You really embody the feminine in a very lovely and beautiful way. Thank you for all the work you have done to be able to share with such a wise and open heart.

Suzanne Congdon

Barbara was very enthusiastic and beyond knowledgeable. She provided us with much more information than basic coursework. I would highly recommend this instructor.

Janel Ludenia Naturopathic Medical Student

Barbara is a treasure, both sensitive and brilliant, strong and grounded yet sweet.

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Yoga Instructor
Certified Advanced Rolfer and Yoga Instructor Maria Cristina Jimenez

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